Sunday, November 01, 2009


That's right, Vanguard is getting old, 3 years today. I hope that you have enjoyed the 300 something posts as much as i did. The main idea behind my blog is to make visitors feel more interesting and nothing more. It's all about sharing cool stuffs with cool yet unknown people.

It's nice to be nice ! But it's also nice to note that media people are now getting their materials from bloggers. Maybe there's something nice happening in the Internet Ocean...

Anyway, this time round i would like to thank all the talented music producers from around the world for keeping me sane ! (Gotye, you are a hero) There's something really special about non-vocal music, it allows the listener to create his/her own feelings and thoughts from it . For this occasion, i concocted a special playlist to reflect the mood i'm into at the moment. I combined both vocal and non-vocal music in " AURAL ALPHABET : accent circonflexe ."
I hope that you are going to enjoy it in your own way. Click on the link below and lose yourself...

AURAL ALPHABET : accent circonflexe