Monday, October 19, 2009

A Moment With ABOVE

One of the coolest buzzwords around is: "street art" and one of the coolest nicknames around is: "ABOVE". Graffiti artist, ABOVE, knows how to make a lot of noise while working quietly! His works are accessible, brilliant and so simple that even children see the meaning in them. His artworks have been featured in DKDENCE webzine. (The best free visual art webzine available online! Future issues will be available in "Select edition" only.) His art also made it with style in the October 2009 issue of CNBC business magazine.
After spending a few months on the streets of Europe, he got back to his sweet home, sent his stencils to sleep for a while and answered a few questions for Vanguard readers. Enjoy !

What would you say from those words i picked from your life : Graffiti, Typography, Word-Play, Travel and Obama ?

Above : Love it, spacing, spacing, spacing, daily, can't get enough, yes we can... did !

They say that childhood is the most significant period in an artist's life. When you look back at those days, what kind of things and memories come to your mind first? What was the main colour of your childhood ?

ABOVE : Growing up in a family of very creative musicians and artists i think the color of my childhood was more a spectrum of colors. My parents and brothers all played music and made artworks, so there were many things going on at different times.

Can you tell me a little bit about your European tour ?

ABOVE : I started in May 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark and finished in Paris, France in August. It was a small tour around some capital cities in Europe. I had a fun time making a lot of site specific stencil works.

What are you listening to on your ipod? ( What is the soundtrack of the "EARS,TEARS & FEARS" installation video ? that video is so good!)

ABOVE : Sorry i don't have an ipod. I have an old walkman tape deck with some bootleg French radio station mixtape i made in 2002.

Imagine that you have limitless money, what kind of project would you create? Where and Why ?

ABOVE : Limitless money? who has that? Bill Gates, but not me. If i had more money i would invest in a team of people and artists to travel around and we could all collaborate and make many street artworks for people to see in their city .

It's always been said that the artist should be aware of what happens in the world, so they can guide people with their words and creations. Are you interested in politics, and if so, what kind of changes do you expect in the world ?

ABOVE : I'm very much aware of my surroundings and politics. I'm still unsure and don't really want to know what direction or future holds for us. What i want is to be part of it, to experience it and to react to it.

If there is a country named ABOVE, What would it look like? What kind of flag would it have and what would be the most important law ?

ABOVE : Like a piece of popped popcorn. The only law is that you had to be creative and contribute something in the country. If you worked a 9-5 job you would be jailed for being boring and not helping the progression of the country.

Great artists always have exciting quotes, Salvador Dali said : " I don't do drugs, i am drugs." If you learn that millions of people will know you as one of the greatest artists in the 21st century after you passed away. What would be your one and only statement?

ABOVE : You should have enjoyed me when i was alive !

What question should i ask the next person? ( You should formulate your own question.)

ABOVE : The same one i just answered !

THANK YOU for the the last answer only !
Greetings from a street somewhere in Mauritius

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