Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Moment With Myriam Gaemperli

Switzerland based artist Myriam Gaemperli is a little jewel in the mosaic of the art world . Her illustrations are a treat for the eyes . Personally i can't get enough of those illustrations on her website . Her signature creations are featured on a plethora of products . She is currently involved in various indoor and outdoor projects for brands like Diesel , QIU , Bionyc and Doodah to name a few .

8 Questions with Myriam Gaemperli

Define your country in 7 words .

Myri : Clean , quiet , Fairyland , careful , organised , beautiful and aware .

What are you loving right now ?

Myri : My swiss ovomaltine - chocolate

What are you listening to on your ipod ?

Myri : Well , at the moment i am addicted to Datarock , Goldfrapp and Radiohead .

What can't you live without ?

Myri : Coffee , friends and painting .

How do you define your personal style and where does your inspiration comes from ?

Myri : I love the combination of old and new , Characters , toys , raw materials , round shapes , typography , e.t.c mixed with past , present and future and a shot of passion , freakiness and heart .

Some people complain that the current art market has become too commercialized , as an artist what's your perspective ?

Myri : Me personally i'm not having a big vision of where i want to go with my art . Of course I'm not selling my stuff to companies and people i can't stand for , but for me , as long as i do what i love the most , and that is doing art , then i'm happy doing it in a kind of commercial way as well . As long as my stuff is out there I'm happy with it , and maybe some other people are touched as well , that what i want .

What are you hating in our world ?

Myri : That some people don't listen to their heart .

What question should i ask the next person ?

Myri : Which personal habits belong to you ?

Starkid : I spend ages ( hours) in the shower .

Thank you Myri for your valuable time. When i come to Switzerland i'll knock on your door !

Greetings from Mauritius