Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Moment with Prof Diana Derval

Professor Diana Derval is the inventor and guru of " Wait Marketing " , an innovative strategy to communicate at the right moment at the right place . She is also the author of the " Wait Marketing " book . The book is already in the top 50 marketing best-sellers on Amazon .com .

7 Questions with Prof Diana Derval

What are you loving at the moment ?

Prof : I'm enjoying meeting people in San Francisco , Tokyo , Dubai for the promotion of my book " wait Marketing " .

What are you listening to on your ipod ?

Prof : Mainly metal music , i just came from the Open Air festival in Germany .

In your opinion , what are the most powerful brands in the world right now ?

Prof : (Tom Tom) i am very proud i had the chance to develop the brand in the US , Red Bull , Apple ..... and consumer communities .

Who is your favourite designer ?

Prof : Koziol - i love the weird stuff they create ( unfortunately i do not know who are the designers behind. )

What has been your most interesting shopping experience ?

Prof : I experienced self service check out at my supermarket . it was not really faster as the process is not optimized yet but as you are the actor your perception of waiting time is dramatically changed .

What can't you live without ?

Prof : A couple of years ago i would have said " my internet connection " , today i would say " a fast internet connection " .

What question should i ask the next person ?

Prof : Did you enjoy this interview ?

Thank you for your valuable time . Speak to you soon .

Greetings from ile Maurice


" Wait Marketing " is a must read . for more info visit Prof Diana's blog :