Saturday, July 14, 2007

Edition 24 by YSL

Live broadcasts are becoming increasingly popular . We have recently experienced the Diesel fashion show and the launch of the Fiat 500 live . In view of its forthcoming collection , iconic brand YSL is releasing a catalogue and a short film to promote the " 24 edition " aimed at the younger uber generation . YSL is collaborating with Show Studio to create a short film featuring model/actress Jessica Miller wearing Edition 24 fashions .
Prior to the shooting , Show Studio asked internet users from around the world to send their script for the screenplay . The selected scripts will be transformed into a film directed by Nick Knight and YSL honcho Stefano Pilati . Unfortunately submissions are now closed .
YSL has fully integrated the concept of user generated content in this high- end campaign .

Scene 1: 07:00 — Wake Up Call
by Kelsey Bostwick
A hotel suite, Paris. We can barely see in the darkness. Through tightly drawn drapes a long, very bright ray of daylight pierces the room. The actress lies face down on the bed, nude under a lace slip. The soles of her feet are dirty. On her wrist a thin diamond bracelet catches the morning light. Sirens. Then the phone rings. She whimpers. Finally she raises her head. A smudge of red lipstick stains her mouth. :[The actress] (slowly raising the phone to her ear) Hello? [Concierge]: Good morning mademoiselle. This is your wake up call. [The actress]: Merci [Concierge]: (sounding uncomfortable) Mademoiselle? [The actress]: Yes [Concierge]: We have your shoes mademoiselle. [The actress]: What? [Concierge]: Your shoes. Shall we send them up to your room? [The actress]: Why do you have my shoes? [Concierge]: A young gentleman dropped them off at the front desk last night. She rolls over onto her back. [The actress]: He did? [Concierge]: Oui mademoiselle. Silence. No one says anything. Then she starts. [The actress]: (Calmly) Well, send them up then. (pauses) Oh, and please send a gallon of milk. You can leave it outside of my door. [Concierge]: (Very polite) Oui mademoiselle. Is that all? [The actress]: One more thing. I need something to read, to wake up, I don’t have my books and... [Concierge]: (Routinely) We have the daily papers. (He begins to list the daily papers in Paris, then moves onto the international editions) [The actress]: (Sighing) No. (Pauses, then sweetly) Listen, Just bring me some Baudelaire, Okay? [Concierge]: In French? [The actress]: Mais Oui. [Concierge]: Of course mademoiselle. She hangs up. Now sitting up at the corner of the bed she runs her hands through her hair, thinking. She smiles. Stumbling to her feet, she walks to the bathroom and begins to run a bath. The actress looks at herself in the mirror. Next to the sink on a tray lie a pair of large chandelier earrings and a black satin cigarette case. She puts on a single earring, looks at herself again, and then takes a cigarette out. Placing it between her lips, she lights it, takes two drags, and then puts it out again. In the hall we hear footsteps. After they fade, she walks to the door, grabs the shoes and a leather copy of Fleurs du Mal, and picks up the glass pitcher of milk. Swiftly returning to the bathroom she pours the milk in the tub, drops her slip, and steps into hot bath. She still has one earring on.

Scene 5: 12:00 — The Interview
by Kelsey Bostwick

The film crew is in the actress’ suite. We hear the slow unzipping of a garment bag as one of the assistants to the film crew tries to look at the actress’ new gowns. He then bends down to look inside a shoe box. In the center of the room, Bertrand is sitting with his legs crossed, elbow propped up on knee and chin in hand. One gets the impression of a yoga pose. With each question he gestures at the actress with his free hand, which reveals a slight tremor when at rest. [Bertrand]: The problem with interviews of course is that the most interesting questions can never be answered. That said, I have been thinking quite a bit about you. It seems to me that you have finally forced the conclusion of a long debate. [Crew member #1]: (Narrating in the background) Professor Noailles is of course referring to his famous assertion that beauty is an emotional state and not a visual condition. [Bertrand]: (continuing)…and so, I am curious, do you find yourself beautiful? [Actress]: No, but I do quite well for myself despite it. I suppose if I were beautiful I might risk becoming ugly. Besides, how can a person be beautiful anyway? An image is beautiful. This dress is beautiful. A person is, well, more physical than anything. (pauses) Do you find me beautiful? [Bertrand]: You are so much more than beautiful. You are disturbing and difficult, both of which I have been in desperate need of. At his statement the actress leans back in her chair and crosses her legs. Her hands are now slightly trembling. [Actress]: What is the place of women in your life Professor? [Bertrand]: There is none beyond them.

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