Thursday, January 04, 2007

Concepts & ideas # 2 : Built in charity

Individuals are becoming more and more educated . People are aware of the problems which the world is facing . Somehow we make a contribution to a charity to show that we care for others . In fact we all want to be part of a better world .
The concept of built in charity has been around for a while now but it is being built more and more into consumer products , services and interfaces . Maybe materialism is no longer an aim in itself .
Motorola has recently released a Red edition mobile phone . A percentage of the profits from the sales of the product will be donated to a charity .
Apple released a limited edition Red ipod . It is cleverly designed to let educated consumers support a good cause while making a fashion statement about it .
In February 2007 , a dutch bank called " rabobank " will release a climate conscious credit card called " Climate card " . The climate card wil look at the type of purchase you make ( consumer goods , petrol ,etc ) and channel a proportionate sum into projects run by the world Wide Fund for nature (WWF) .
The more you sin , the more you pay !
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