Monday, January 18, 2010


I went for a drive with someone the other day. What better place than in a car to have a car-related conversation; she told me that my car is all vintage. My passenger forgot one thing : The more dirty my car becomes; the more vintage it gets !

Speaking about vintage, my friend Miro, from the country that brought you fine chocolates sent me the " WASH ME " digital art book in a special edition format(audio, text and video all mixed up in a mouse friendly version) dedicated to bloggers. I must confess that i am not a MINI fan myself but the art book is certified as highway material !!( like driving back and forth on the highway at 300 with Amy Winehouse! can you see that ?)
So, I succumbed ! Et voilĂ  it's on my blog. Enjoy

Get your shopping mouse ready, the ultimate vintage version of the book is available here: