Saturday, February 28, 2009

schhh... Film Festival

Freshly inaugurated, the Schhh theatre is home to the Schweppes film festival and real movie-lovers alike. With its exquisite decor and no sensory overload, Schhh.... is an open invitation to a new cinematic experience.
Adding to the ambiance is a cosy bar offering a variety of Schhh.....Schweppes beverages. Brian the barman is a good friend of mine, he knows all about women and life.
For him, Schhh....Schweppes is the love of his life !

Situated at in the Internet Ocean, this institution is always open for the alternative circuit, appealing mainly to the more discerning viewer who enjoys quality films.

I have already bought the ticket, all you have to do is ask Brian to serve you his signature Schweppes beverage and enjoy !