Monday, October 06, 2008

Diesel Cinquecento

When i say Diesel , the image of a pair of vintage jeans pops into your head . A pair of jeans is like a second skin , the more you wear and treat your jeans the more beautiful it gets . Your life gives the denim its unique character , formed by you into a second skin . Your jeans should last as long as you do... But Diesel could have come up with watches the size of aircraft carriers and shades that looked like goggles ... It's funny how an object can seem to have a personality of its own .

Diesel 500 was born on a certain day from a liaison between Fiat and Diesel . The retro yet modernist 500 contains everything cult from Diesel . It is available in three colours namely brown , Renzo Rosso's helicopter green and black of course . 500 by Diesel is produced in a limited edition .Exclusive and customimised in every detail , both inside and outside , it's ready to be on the roads .

" The car Fiat 500 , symbolises Italy the way i would like it always to be , creative , passionate , cheerful ; which is why the first car by Diesel could have only been a Fiat 500! We put all the values that we and Fiat strongly believe in into this project , the same ones that allowed the brand Diesel to become what we are and what we stand for in the world . " Renzo Rosso

Driving one of those KISS(Keep It Simple and Sexy) cars should be like wearing a pair of Diesel jeans !

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