Thursday, November 01, 2007

Style & Design # 6 : Dupont - Corian Calendar

You have no memory , you don't remember dates and months ! no worries ! Danish designer Niels Kjeldsen has created a desktop calendar for forgetful people .

It's colourful , minimalist , timeless and sexy .

" The design is a calendar made for the table . The user is in daily contact with the Corian material and can by using the calendar experience Corian's luxurious surface , weight and high quality . And all the new Corian colours is represented by the month pieces . The calendar component is 12 month pieces in different colours , 2 dates cubes in white and a solid base in black . The base is adjusted by turning the cubes around and the month is changed by placing the relevant month in front of the date cubes . Because there is no days in the calendar , it can be used forever.... The name rainbow is reflecting the shape of the base and all the colours moving along the bow . The size is : 312 x 85 x 120 mm . " NKD

NKD is a respected designer from Denmark . NKD now designs kitchen utensils , furniture and other home accessories in his own studio . When Niels gets an idea for a new product design , functionality often determines the ultimate shape of the object .

7 Questions with Niels Kjeldsen

What are you loving right now ?

Niels : My life with my wife and my two boys .

What are you listening to on your ipod ?

Niels : Trentemoller .

What is your definition of cool ?

Niels : An icecold Mojito ...;0)

In your opinion what are the most powerful brands in the world right now ?

Niels : Apple , Microsoft , Google and Moooi .

What can't you live without ?

Niels : Love , happiness and my mobile .

Any websites or blogs you read on a regular basis ?

What question should i ask the next person ?

Niels : What is happiness for you ?

Starkid : The art of making a bouquet of those flowers within reach .

Thank you for your time . stay cool !
Greetings from Mauritius

The production of the timeless calendar is on its way . You can place your order at :