Thursday, November 29, 2007

Co - Branding by Diesel

You take iconic lifestyle brand Diesel and adidas Originals , put them in a good mixer and you get Originals Denim by Diesel .

After 30 years of successful living in the fashion world ,Diesel is entering the " Branded Brands " bandwagon . The first collection of this collaboration will consist of premium denim jeans for true jeans lovers made available exclusively at " Originals " stores worldwide starting February 2008 . The demim line will be based on the tagline " 83 Original ways to successfully waste your time " . In its upcoming campaign(Online and offline) adidas will invite fans to share their ideas on timewasting and originality . Stay tuned !

" I am an adidas fan myself and i am very excited about this project . It is the first time that Diesel creates a denim line with another lifestyle brand and we wanted to do it with adidas that shares with us the same fresh attitude and care for high quality and creativity ." Renzo Rosso , president of Diesel .

Original or not ? one thing is for sure i have wasted enough time typing this post !!
Happy timewasting to all Originals fans !