Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Moment With Alicia Ayala & Janara Lopes

Ideafixa is an international digital magazine for photography , design , illustration and visual arts . Its objective is inspiration , vision and the promotion of the participant artists . It is released bimonthly and every edition has a designated subject . Ideafixa chooses contemporary artistic works ( retro also considered contemporary ) that are cosmopolitan , works that are a present vision of the world .

Alicia Ayala & Janara Lopes (Ideafixa cofounders )

7 Questions with the Ideafixa ladies

What are you loving right now ?

Alicia : Latin America in my veins .
Janara : I'm not in love with nothing .

What are you listening to on your ipod ?
We don't have ipods
Alicia : Cafe Tacvba , YolaTengo , Chico Buarque and Andrew Birds .
Janara : Velvet Underground , Nirvana , Foo Fighters and Young blood Brass Band .

In your opinion what are the most powerful brands in the world right now ?

Marlboro , Coca Cola and Apple

What has been your most interesting shopping experience ?

Spend all the money we have to go to our favourite bands concerts .

What can't you live without ?

Alicia : The dearest friends and family . Living for curly hair too .
Janara : I can't live without cheese .

Any websites or blogs you read on a regular basis ?

What question should i ask the next person ?

Do you like The Beatles ?

Starkid : My dad was a big fan of The Beatles . I still have his Beatles cassettes . Yes i like . " I want to hold your hand " always does it for me .

Thank you Alicia and Janara for your time . Say hello to Pele and Gilberto Gil for me !!

Greetings from Mauritius

Ideafixa webzine comes straight from Brazil , the 8th issue is out now at :