Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Moment with Paolo Mojo

Electronic music brand Renaissance has established an enviable international reputation for fantastic music , star DJs and top-notch mix CDs that have sold millions .

Renaissance is now breaking new ground with its very first digital compilation " Renaissance Digital 01 " exclusively available on i-tunes from September 2007 .

Paolo Mojo is currently regarded as one of the most exciting young DJ's in the world , his mysterious sound and the innovative approach to his craft have established himself as a major tour de force in electronic music . He was chosen by Renaissance to kick start the new digital series .

7 Questions with Paolo Mojo

What are you loving right now ?

Paolo : Greece

What are you listening to on your ipod ?

Paolo : Newish albums from Boards of Canada , Ulrich Schnauss , Alan Parsons Project and the usual selection of nostalgic 80's pop music .

In your opinion what are the most powerful brands in the world right now ?

Paolo : The ones that tap decision makers and trend-setters to make what they consider to be a positive value judgement /lifestyle choice . Historically things like Coca Cola , more recently things like Starbucks i guess . These brands are the most powerful simply because they reach the widest audience . Personally i was always impressed with Orange ( the UK Cellphone provider ) and stuff like Lush and Innocent in the UK ( toiletries and fruit smoothies ) . Because of the innovative and informal use of language those brands use ...

Who is your Favourite designer ?

Paolo : In terms of how i live my daily life , almost certainly Jonathan Ive . He designed the original imac, ibook and ipod and paved the way for the look , feel and design of all their products . Seeing as i use them constantly and they never fail to impress me with their design.It's undoubtedly him .

What can't you live without ?

Paolo : Hmmm! Laptop i guess , I'm always travelling and use it to keep in touch .

What are you hating in our world ?

Paolo : I'm a lover not a hater . I wish there was a little more tolerance and understanding in general , i suppose .

What question should i ask the next person ?

Paolo : Ask them what they are doing while they are typing these answers ?

Starkid: You are right !! listening to the latest Ulrich Schnauss album . No pun intended , it's a masterpiece .

Thank you for your valuable time . Take it easy with the gigs !

Greetings from Mauritius


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