Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Moment With Clement Eloy

Clement Eloy is a young talented designer and founder of " Feeladdicted " . The french designer has various objects under his belt and is currently involved with some futurist design projects . Always on the move , Clement is also a talented photographer . Simply put , " Lucifer " it's him .

7 Questions with Clement Eloy
What are you loving right now ?
Clement : People mentality which is evolving towards design . Innovation is becoming a real argument for a new product . Today design is necessary in any brand . Good news !
What are you listening to on your ipod ?
Clement : Music which makes me move , especially if i listen to it in the morning and need to be awoken ! Adam Freeland and 2 many djs for example .
In your opinion what are the most powerful brands in the world right now ?
Clement : I think the most powerful brands are those which represent values and dream . Those of which consumers want to be a part . Not necessarily those which pile up millions and millions .
Who is your favourite designer ?
Clement : Actually i have several favourite designers . I enjoy many different kind of creation . Among them i like Marc Newson , i think he really understood what design is and he's got a relevant design identity .
What has been your most interesting shopping experience ?
Clement : My most interesting shopping experience is the usual one . I like spending 2 hours buying consumer goods . I like looking for new experiences , for new products , new tastes , new ways to use products ..... , 3 days ago i bought toffee soap , it smells so good it makes me feel good in the morning . My shopping experience is interesting if it makes me live other experiences .
What can't you live without ?
Clement : Oxygen .
What question should i ask the next person ?
Clement : What are you hating in our world ?

Thank you for your valuable time . Keep the hot design flowing .
Greetings from ile Maurice
"LUCIFER" is the innovative match container designed by Clement Eloy
For more information visit his website