Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Moment With Gui Boratto

Gui Boratto is a multi talented artist from Brazil . He is one of the finest electronic music producers out there at the moment . His latest album called " Chromophobia " will make your ipod hungry . I recently published his " beautiful life " video on my blog .
I manage to catch up with him for a quick interview between his hectic schedule .Here we go :
Hi Gui , it's a pleasure to have you for this new post on my blog .
Question 1 .
What are you loving right now ?
Gui : My wife and my beautiful daughter Valentina .
Question 2 .
What are you listening to on your ipod ?
Gui : The best of Sade , Astor Piazzola, Audioslave and some Brazilian Bossa-Nova .
Question 3.
In your opinion what is the most powerful brand in the world right now ?
Gui : Apple .
Question 4.
Who is your favourite designer ?
Gui : Philippe Starck .
Question 5 .
What has been your most interesting shopping experience ?
Gui : My Jazz Mutant Lemur. An ethernet controller .
Question 6.
What can't you live without ?
Gui : My family .
question 7 .
What question should i ask the next person ?
Gui : How can you collaborate to keep our planet clean ?

Thank you for your valuable time . Wishing you and your family all the best . Keep granting us with your mesmerizing sounds .
Greetings from Mauritius
Visit Gui's website at :