Thursday, June 07, 2007

Concepts & ideas # 7 : Packaging Design

Fashions we wear express who we are . Packaging does that for products and services . In fact packaging design has become a marketing tool performing many roles in the marketing of products .

Everything is about colour and shape . A well designed package attracts attention , creates customer confidence and makes a favourable overall impression . People often buy a brand promise and the packaging carries a lot of that . Studies and surveys on shopping behaviour are showing that it does matter what the container looks like . Today the quirky , unbrand and under researched packaging design startles and stands out . Some of them may even be or become huge international success .

Marketers believe that packaging has enormous power over what people buy . The packaging design conveys a message affecting our feelings . It's the overall appeal of an object which make consumers tick . They are willing to pay a high price for the appearance and prestige of better packages .

Pour water in an upscale looking bottle and charge a high price to make consumers think they are unique for buying such product . They will undoubtedly choose such product over a parity product .

Let the packaging do the sweet talking and the rest will follow !

This is going to be the last post in the " Concept " series . Hope you enjoyed them .