Thursday, May 03, 2007

Concepts & ideas # 6 : Boutique

There is a permanent change in the way people are spending their money . marketers have discovered that people are shopping more frequently , competitors are offering more or less similar products and there is declining customer loyalty . In fact customers are buying satisfaction not products or services .
In an experience economy , shoppers are constantly looking for a combination of uniqueness , discovery , trying out and surprise all at once . Basically they are after a new kind of shopping experience . The Boutique concept is based on the premise that an emotional experience will have a positive impact on customer satisfaction .
A Boutique is like a good story , it has a beginning , a middle and an end . It is a small shopping outlet which specialises in particularly stylish offerings , intentionally designed in an intimidating user friendly environment to surprise passers by and those in the know . It gives the impression that something sneaky is going on inside . The environment is characterized by pure , clean ergonomic design where breathtaking form meets function in every possible detail . Once inside shoppers are led on a journey and are invited to check everything out .
Boutiques offer something truly new to consumers . It's the most sophisticated shopping environment out there . Boutiques don't sell products , people buy them . Customers leave the outlet a bit smarter than when they entered .
And remember , a memorable experience creates buzz !