Thursday, April 05, 2007

Concepts & ideas # 5 : Consumer marketers

The new customer society consists of hundred of millions of newly minded free spending consumers , highly informed and ambitious professionals . They are creative people and technology enthusiasts . The So-called Consumer marketers want to have a direct say on what companies develop and produce for them . They are dying to give you a piece of their mind .
Marketers are now touching on the massive opportunities that Consumer marketers have to offer . They are asking their customers for detailed feedback on how to improve their stores through websites , leaflets and billboards . The powerful brands are announcing contests to invite people from around the world to share their valuable ideas about products , services and experiences .We are now part of a new creative world . A brand's great idea might possibly come from Mauritius or elsewhere .

Consumer Marketers in action
  • Fiat 500 . A car created for the people by the people .

Fiat has set up a website dedicated for its upcoming model the Fiat 500 . The website created in close collaboration with Leo Burnett reached a record figure of 500000 visitors with 5 ,000000 pages visited in only 50 days . Several contests were set up to invite people from around the world to participate in creating the Fiat 500 . More than 50000 ideas for accessories and customisations for the model were gathered . At present Fiat is inviting Consumer marketers to write a priceless Ad for their D I Y advertising campaign .Other initiatives by Fiat will follow soon .

For those in the know , customers who really like your brand don't even need a contest to get involved !