Thursday, February 01, 2007

Concepts & ideas # 3 : Branded Brands

The shopping environment is becoming more and more complex . Customers have access to a plethora of information to guide them towards their purchase decision . Branding has made it less complex for shoppers to identify or differentiate between equivalent products / services .The concept of branding is often associated with quality , premium price and prestige . Marketers have taken branding to the next level , they have developed the concept of " Branded Brands " .This entails the combination of two or more brand names in an offer where each brand expect to be enriched by the other brand name(s) . Branded brands as a strategy is adopted to strenghten purchase intention or preference .One thing is for sure , "branded brands" enhances the perceived value of a product/service .
In simple terms , you might see Hagen Dazs ice cream on the menu of an upscale restaurant .
Branded Brands in action

  • Le Meridien adds to its appeal with Luxurious Hermes toiletries .This kind of information is even included in adverts or hotel reviews .

  • The association of designer Philippe Starck and Lenotre pastry Chef to create " La buche de Noel ".

  • Bentley and Breitling : Breitling professional instruments have created a dashboard clock for Bentley Continental GT . The clock is housed in the centre of the fascia panel .

  • Prada and LG : Prada , one of the worlds leading Brands in the fashion industry and LG , renowned in consumer electronics and mobile phones combined their core competencies to create the world's first completely sensitive screen mobile phone .

  • The Siemens Nespresso machine in Porsche design : a collaboration between three premium brands :
  1. Nespresso which invented the unique capsule system .
  2. Siemens which is a manufacturer of household appliances .
  3. Porsche design which was responsible for the design part of the machine .
Customers are loyal to brands , not the products !