Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Concepts & ideas # 1 : Pop Up retail

Products come and go , now stores that display them do the same . Shoppers want freedom and they also want to be surprised , moving from one ephemeral experience to the next . Marketers have come up with the concept of instant stores which are becoming increasingly popular. The concept is simple , it's a temporary retail manifestation around the world where retailers would pop up unannounced ,quickly draw in the crowds and then disappear . Many retailers are seizing the opportunity to be at the right place at the right time to emotionally connect with the target . Trend examples , to learn from or copy ...
" Comme les garcons " play box store has recently opened outside their usual " Comme les garcons " store in Japan . The play box store will be opened for only one month and will sell special items .
Japanese clothing retailer UNIQLO recently transformed 2 bedroom sized cargo container into stores , moving around New York city to introduce New Yorkers to the brand .
The V Box in Singapore is a portable store in a shipping container which can be set up temporarily . The V Box contains special editions items and exlusive products .